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What's Pulling You Forward

"In the presence of greatness, pettiness disappears. In the absence of a great dream, pettiness prevails." - Peter Senge 


In other words, what's your vision? 

What's the future you want to create, not just for yourself, but for the world around you? It doesn't have to be grandiose or world-changing, but it does have to be authentic and meaningful to you. Maybe it's revolutionizing your industry in some way, or leading an organization people love to work for, or writing a book, or building stronger relationships with your loved ones. 

Peter Senge’s quote is from his book, "The Fifth Discipline," and is in reference to the Creative Tension Model; a simple but powerful framework for personal growth and achievement. At its core is a simple idea: the gap between your current reality and your vision for the future creates a tension that can propel you towards your goals with remarkable force. 

But here's the catch: for the creative tension to work its magic, you need a compelling vision - a dream that inspires you, energizes you, and moves you forward. Without that vision, you're left at the mercy of your default behaviors and emotions that are unconscious drivers. You may just end up stuck in a cycle of pettiness and stagnation. 

So, again, what's the future you want to create? 

Whatever it is, take the time to clarify it, to paint a vivid picture in your mind of what meaningful success looks like. 

And then, hold that vision firmly, even as you acknowledge the reality of where you are now. Don't let the gap discourage you - let it inspire you, let it create that rubber band effect that pulls you forward, step by step, towards your dream. See your downfalls or the obstacles as barriers to overcome, not reasons to give up. 

Because here's the truth: when you have a compelling vision, petty concerns and obstacles fade into the background. You find yourself energized and motivated, even in the face of challenges, because you're driven by something greater than yourself. You tap into a source of creative power that enables you to achieve things you never thought possible. 


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