The keystone of a Personal Growth Culture is that people within the organization can rely on one another for the supportive input, feedback or “coaching” to grow new levels of competence. In recent years, “coaching” has become a popular concept within organizations, however, very few people understand what it is, how to go about it or have access to the insights to be an effective coach. 

Our Elevate System is a highly personalized, easy to understand suite of tools that anyone, regardless of his or her level of experience, can utilize to facilitate personal growth in their department and organization.


The Elevate System is designed for use in the Selection Process; supporting behavioral interviewing, onboarding, and as an enhancement to your existing Performance Management system. 

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We offer a one day, experiential training session for a subscribing organization’s entire management team. Each member of the management team will download their personalized copy of the Elevate System Workbook to be used in the training. In this way, the training is both experiential, and a team-building process for the group.

The Elevate System Workbook