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“Given COVID, I thought this was a terrible time to do this, but I’m extremely grateful that we took the time to do this.  It allowed us to focus on the important work, not just the urgent work.  And it recharged our batteries and gave us exactly what we needed as a team.”   ~ a client in South Carolina

The Transformational Leadership Boost

The Transformational Leadership Boost arms leadership teams with:

A conscious awareness of the behaviorally-based cultural characteristics that effect the performance of their organization.

A conscious awareness of their personal behavior-based influence on those cultural characteristics.

An increased ability to coach one another on those foundational behaviors.

An expanded, compelling commitment to their personal purpose.

Team generated targets for cultural development.

New individual and team habits to develop targeted cultural characteristics.

The Transformational Leadership Boost consists of three steps: 

1) 3-hour Orientation that can be delivered in person or virtually.

2) Survey gathering and processing.

3) A 2-day Workshop.  

The Program Consists of: 

I. The latest in Phoenix’s proprietary awareness-producing surveys.  

1. The Conscious Culture Survey; identifies and quantifies root-cause organizational behaviors that define your organizations’ propensity to evoke three key attributes of successful organizations:  Engagement, Teamwork and Innovation. 

2. The Conscious Leader Survey;  identifies and quantifies root-cause personal behaviors of your leadership team that form the basis of the culture.  These behaviors correlate directly with the Organizational attributes identified in the Conscious Organizational Culture survey:

  1. Engagement:  Personal Purpose, Personal Responsibility, Personal Growth

  2. Teamwork:  Openness, Trust, Cooperation, Role Clarity, Meetings, Management

  3. Innovation:  Creativity, Psychological Safety, Authority, Accountability, Strategy, Results Focus, Coaching  


Both surveys also create organizational and personal awareness of the presence of Universal Detractors; behaviors such as Drama, Condescension, Selfishness and Blame that detract from the effectiveness of any organization. 


3. The Insight Coaching System; a highly personalized, easy to understand coaching tool that anyone, regardless of his or her level of experience, can utilize to facilitate personal growth.

II.  Development of coaching skills.    


III.  An in-depth development of each persons’ personal purpose.  At the core of every great leader is a commitment to a purpose that they see as more important than their comfort zone or ego.  This workshop provides a space for people to deepen their understanding of and commitment to their personal purpose and to be supported by their team in living that purpose.


III.  Development of aspirational cultural targets for the entire leadership team and the organization.


IV.  Creation of personal habits that create the foundation for cultural development.

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