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Interchange - July 2022

The subject of our July Session is Coaching.  More specifically, transformational coaching.  We will used the Elevate System Workbook that you completed previously as both:

  1. an article to prepare for the session and

  2. as a coaching tool during the session.


Please read, for comprehension, the material in your Elevate System Workbook.  To access your personalized workbook, log into our web site Click the “Order Now” button, enter your password and your workbook will be downloaded.  If you have any trouble, or haven’t completed the profile (I think all of you have but memory is not my strong suit!).   Amber can help.  I’ve copied her here.


And please take some time to identify and study the top one or two Success Strategies that you invest the most energy and effort in.  Come prepared to discuss the following questions:


  1. How do this strategy support success in your work?

  2. How does this strategy interfere with success in your work?

  3. What Conscious strategies would you like to develop?

  4. What coaching would be helpful in that developmental process?


Our plan is to split up into pairs and do some one on one coaching is the session, rather than talking theoretically about coaching.

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