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Tom Willis in conversation with Matt Morin

Matt Morin

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Matthew Morin is a serial entrepreneur who got started at a very young age. Any time he and his brother, Kevin, learned a new skill they tried to figure out how to make it a business. Whether they were repairing bikes, fixing boats, or shoveling snow, they always had some sort of project or business idea blooming. When Matt was 19 years old (and Kevin only 16) they learned how to build computers through a Boy Scout project. Less than a year later, they opened Macro Computer Services, which was later renamed Macro Connect. Matt has been the CEO of Macro Connect since its inception in 1997.

Over the past 23 years, Macro Connect has grown to 30 employees and now generates over $4 million in revenue per year. Its main focus is providing IT and data support to K12 schools around the country. While Macro Connect is their primary business, that habit of starting new things never died. Over the past 20 years, Matt and Kevin have also owned and sold a successful restaurant in Downtown Detroit, renovated a 120 year old former police station in the McDougall-Hunt Neighborhood of Detroit and turned it into a coworking space, and patented the concept of a robotic buoy that can automatically set up sailboat race courses using an app on your phone. These buoys, called MarkSetBots are currently used all over the world including the US, Monaco, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Germany. While Kevin's passion burns brightest for technology, Matt is driven by a desire to create amazing experiences for their customers and to build a truly great team of people who care about each other and change the world through their work.

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