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Transforming Cultures

Phoenix Performance Partners helps CEOs create high performing cultures.  Utilizing research on organizational change, techniques for personal growth and decades of experience, we go well beyond standard team-building exercises and coaching sessions. We’ll help you and your team make real changes, take initiative and grow both personally and professionally. Best of all, you’ll be able to build what you learn into your culture so your organization continues to thrive.

Our high-impact learning model guarantees rapid improvements in customer service, quality, productivity, and bottom-line profitability. We promise results, and we insist that you hold us accountable!

What clients say...

The health care company COO sent an email to her management team, suggesting they each work with Phoenix coaches to grow professionally.

“Executive coaching from Phoenix Performance Partners has been an extremely edifying and invaluable way to sharpen my skills and build new skills. They have helped me to work through a variety of challenges with no judgment. After each coaching session, I have felt extremely empowered and refreshed, even if what I heard on the other line challenged my way of thinking, or made me realize how I might have contributed to a situation or circumstance.” 

Tasha Blackmon
Chief Operations Officer
Cherry Health, Grand Rapids, MI

“Thank you very much for the work you are doing with me.  I think the best way I can express myself is to share with you that I appreciate you serving as both a mirror and a window for me with my leadership work.  The mirror involves you helping me see what exists in the data about my leadership work, but more important helping me see the blind spots that seem to have developed in me as a leader (I believe this is true for all leaders).  While difficult and challenging, I am grateful for our discussions and your ideas.”

Dr. Daniel Nerad
Superintendent of Schools
Birmingham Public Schools, Birmingham, MI